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Join AgeVitalMD on our mission to educate, Expose and empower! Educating the consumer to become their own healthcare advocated and to be knowledgeable about the harmful side effects to main stream medications. We also provide Licensed Practitioners with the tools they need to be better healthcare providers.

AgeVital Pharmacy, Research and Wellness is the worlds resource dedicated to helping individuals improve their quality of life through functional and preventative medicine. Our passionate and dedicated medical team specialize in a wide range of therapies that include Hormone and nutritional consultations, stress management, acupuncture, Chiropractic, massage therapy, fitness and more. These high-quality services are integrated into personalized treatment plans that are designed to heal and strengthen your 'Body, Soul and Spirit'.

AgeVital Wellness provides Preventative and Wellness Consultation services for both the consumer and practitioners. Wellness consultations provide you with a launching point for making positive change on your journey to the level of health you desire. It is particularly useful, if you are really ready to work on yourself, but don't know where to start, and need advice, guidance, a plan and positive support.

The Wellness Consultation involves an extensive review of your medical history, lifestyle, diet, stress relief mechanisms, and exercise habits, as well as your wellness goals, expectations, and level of commitment to achieving your goals. This allows us to create short-term wellness goals, which are both manageable and achievable for you. A Wellness Consultation can be performed either in person, or via the telephone.